Passageways Co-Founder and CEO Paroon Chadha alongside Stephanie Scott, Vice President of Customer Experience, explored the groundbreaking innovations available for OnSemble employee intranet. 

OnSemble makes employee collaboration easy. It stands as the most trusted intranet built for the financial services industry. Now with OnSemble Connect for SharePoint employees will collaborate across the Microsoft Office document directly within your intranet. It’s the perfect union of an employee intranet design for you with the apps you already embrace. 

In this webinar we discussed key innovations that make employee collaboration easier than ever:
  • How Connect for SharePoint empowers employees to co-author Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
  • Connect for SharePoint opens up seamless mobile collaboration for organization that utilize Office 365,  
  • The Portal Analytics tool that provides groundbreaking key data on how your organization utilizes your intranet. | [email protected] | (765) 535-1882

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