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Gallup pulled together the results of 339 studies* looking at the connection between employee engagement and key performance outcomes. The most engaged employees (the top 25%) outperformed the least engaged by 17% in productivity, 20% in sales and 21% in profitability! We experience over 20,000 individual moments every day with each lasting just a few seconds. Are you and your organization getting the most out of these potentially powerful moments of engagement?

We were joined with a great webinar opportunity with David Zinger, an employee engagement expert, renowned speaker and prolific author of 4 books and 3000 blog posts.

In this webinar, you can learn how to:

  • Gain practical action and interaction skills and tools to share daily moments and ensure work experiences come alive.
  • Learn the ABC’s of Employee Engagement: Achieve results, Build relationships, and Cultivate well-being, one moment at a time.
  • See how to leverage your employee intranet as the center of your digital transformation to capture and leverage these moments and drive employee engagement
David is the founder of the global Employee Engagement network and the creator well-renowned Employee Engagement Pyramid a 10-block model created to represent practical and tactical approaches to engagement and the Zinger Model of Employee Engagement - a workable model that throws light on various aspects of employee involvement, dedication and engagement.
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