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What is the point of putting in long, hard hours for strategy and planning if little gets successfully implemented or even gets off the ground? This is a huge and costly problem across all industries and organizations whether large or small. So, do you want to learn how to drive successful implementation of innovative strategies?

We were joined by a recognized leader in strategic plan execution, Stephen Rosenthal, Senior Vice President at the nationally ranked and prestigious Montefiore Health System. During Stephen’s long, successful career he has focused on operational opportunities that demonstrate tangible results for systems, people and workflows. He has been responsible for helping to make Montefiore a model to emulate in an extremely complex, competitively challenging and highly regulated industry.

On this webinar designed for all executives, Stuart R. Levine, CEO, best-selling leadership author and C-suite advisor, moderated this incredible learning opportunity:
  • Answers to why so many strategic plans fail
  • The foundation for implementation success
  • How to create engagement
  • The role leadership and ongoing strategic communication play internally
  • The importance of dashboards and metrics in creating prioritization and accountability
  • How to create an agile team that can achieve results