We heard from Bob Falk, the President and CEO of Purdue Federal Credit Union, and Passageways Co-Founder and CEO Paroon Chadha as they introduced a new and powerful way to provide clear and consistent communication on goals and performances across your organization. A solution implemented by Purdue Federal Credit Union to share their strategic initiatives with their staff, keeping their Credit Union focused.

Business decisions often comes back to the question: how does this affect my goals and objectives? Abstract goals such as make more money or invest in a talented labor force are important, but how you define success matters. Without clear and measurable goals, your decisions end up just being judgement calls. This can cause your business to flounder as you are distracted from your longterm initiatives. Strategic Matrix and Dashboards are the solution to creating, measuring, and assessing your strategy. Focusing all eyes on your strategic plan. 

So listen to this webinar, as we will explore how Strategic Matrix and Dashboards can be an accelerator by providing easy access to key initiatives, underlying projects, and performance trends on your portal.

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