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Passageways hosted webinar entitled, Google’s Innovation, Culture and Decision-Making: Driving Accurate News and Information in the Digital Age.

We were joined by Google's Jason Washing, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Partner Business Solutions, responsible for leading a senior team of Partner Managers who work exclusively with Google's largest Publishing Partners operating in the News and Local Media Space. Jason's team facilitates and strategizes with those partners to ensure optimal use of Google products and Google partner solutions. Stuart R. Levine moderated this incredible learning opportunity!

On this webinar, board directors and executive leadership will participate in a stimulating conversation around the following topics:

  • Google’s culture of innovation and how it is maintained through growth and scale
  • Google’s future impact upon the way information is gathered/used and its impact on society as a whole
  • How to get accurate information and news for better decision making by executive leadership and boards
  • How the Google News Initiative is helping accurate journalism to thrive in the digital age
  • The importance of a sustainable news ecosystem for a democratic society 

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