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In this recorded webinar Denise Kuprionis, Founder of The Governance Solutions Group (GSG), discussed how to develop a board of directors that will give your organization a competitive edge. By utilizing a board assessments, director evaluations, and skills matrixes, Denise teaches you how you can optimize your board composition and effectiveness.  

Having a great board of directors doesn’t need to be painful.

In this webinar

  • How to identify the competencies and skills that will make your board a strategic board
  • How the skills matrix will prepare directors to make better decisions about board composition
  • How to create a director self-assessment
  • How to evaluate your boards effectiveness

About Denise: 

Denise has over 25 years’ experience inside the corporate boardroom and possess a unique sense of board dynamics. She has been in public, private, and nonprofit boardrooms and offers an independent perspective that helps directors address the evolving list of board governance concerns.