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As you consider your 2017 strategic investments, you might be thinking about new office fixtures or opening new branches, but have you considered your digital infrastructure?

Passageways Director of Business Development Matt Maxwell explored how an intranet can drive employee engagement, education and retention while streamlining communications.

What's an intranet? An electronic extension of your culture that engages, educates, and streamlines communication. The central hub for all your work. A way to ditch email. A way to co-author documents. It's a Swiss Army Knife of productivity tools. And so much more.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How an intranet can help improve culture and communication
  • How an intranet can keep staff up to date with strategic goals
  • How to drive employee engagement and adoption


Passageways' Director of Business Development Matt Maxwell recently concluded 4 part webinar series: Millennials Working Within Your Organization. In Part I he discussed how to locate and attract millennials as employees. In Part 2 we discussed how to set expectations and how to onboard millennials. In Part 3 we explored growing and retaining your millennial workforce. In the 4th installment we explored how to align this generation with your organizations long term goals and expectations.