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By now, you probably have heard about the craze sweeping the U.S. and world over Pokemon Go. In a bookend to his 4 Part Millennial series, Matt Maxwell set out to explain that while Pokémon Go may just be a fad, it has important implications for your business, your millennial staff, and the future of every industry. That’s why it’s worth taking seriously. Pokémon Go is a harbinger of things to come. A millennial himself, Matt Maxwell has spent his career recruiting and on boarding millennials.

In this webinar:

  • Why Pokemon Go went viral with always mobile digital-natives
  • How Augmented Reality is poised to disrupt industries
  • How you can harness technology to create a community that motivates your staff and improve retention 


Passageways' Director of Business Development Matt Maxwell recently concluded 4 part webinar series: Millennials Working Within Your Organization. In Part I he discussed how to locate and attract millennials as employees. In Part 2 we discussed how to set expectations and how to onboard millennials. In Part 3 we explored growing and retaining your millennial workforce. In the 4th installment we explored how to align this generation with your organizations long term goals and expectations.