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These days, it’s on the minds of employers, manager, and everyone between.

Watch this recorded webinar when Passageways' Director of Business Development Matt Maxwell begins a 4 part webinar series: Millennials Working Within Your Organization. He shared how banks are innovating to find and attract millennials. They are the largest generation in history, digital natives whose professional development is impacting every bank across the country.

Yet finding and attracting the best talent of their generation has left many perplexed. A millennial himself, Matt Maxwell has spent his career recruiting training millennials. He shares where to find the best talent, how to attract them to your workplace, and what tools they need to do their best work. In this webinar, you can learn:
  • Who are they, what are their interests, and what do they look like? 
  • Keys to recruiting millennials 
  • The changing interview process 
  • First day expectations