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Following his widely successful millennial series webinar, Passageways Director of Business Development, Matt Maxwell, has heard from dozens of CEOs concerned about a how to manage organizational culture changes and expectations in regards to their workforce, in particular, Millennials. 

In this webinar, Matt explored how to effectively communicate and when to reevaluate the cultural expectations within your organization

You will learn:

  • Are cell phone policies effective? What could and should they be?
  • How the growing prevalence of tattoos has forced a policy reevaluation
  • How do these and other HR policies effect recruitment?
  • How digital technologies can be used to effectively communicate and set expectations among young workers

Find the slide here (Slideshare).


Passageways' Director of Business Development Matt Maxwell recently concluded 4 part webinar series: Millennials Working Within Your Organization. In Part I he discussed how to locate and attract millennials as employees. In Part 2 we discussed how to set expectations and how to onboard millennials. In Part 3 we explored growing and retaining your millennial workforce. In the 4th installment we explored how to align this generation with your organizations long term goals and expectations.