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Join CUNA and Passageways when Passageways Vice President of Sales, Paul Lockhart, and Perissa Gray, Executive Admin Assistant of Our Community Credit Union, discussed how financial institutions have driven productivity gains and improved decision making across their organization.

It’s easy to get lost in the details of complicated documents, and keeping on hand every note, every old board book, each important document, is simply impractical. There’s no way to carry and organize all that vital information. By utilizing OnBoard board portal, credit unions have bolstered productivity and improved decision making across their meetings. From any computer, any tablet, or your phone, your meeting materials travel with you everywhere you go. In this webinar we aim to give you the knowledge and demonstrate the benefits of utilizing meeting productivity tools. You’ll learn:
  • How OnBoard ensures every note and annotation you create is organized and searchable so when your board convenes you’re ready to get the answers you need
  • Whenever you need to reference the bylaws or the annual budget, your board’s key materials are all housed directly within OnBoard
  • If you need to review loan committee details, they are attached directly to the agenda, where you and fellow committee members can discuss the merits before casting your vote on approval. 
This is the perfect opportunity to see how credit unions like yours are embracing OnBoard to ensure there’s no more last minute surprises, only the convenience and peace of mind that comes with preparing for your next meeting on your own terms.