5 Way to Reflect Your Culture on Your Intranet

Brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and Passageways.

Your portal is a key interface between your credit union and employees. It's where news is shared, information is organized, and your culture is on display.

When you're looking to inspire your staff and build an enjoyable, fulfilling workplace, it's important to consider how your intranet mirrors your culture. Matt Maxwell, Passageways' Business Development Manager, will explore creative and innovative strategies to incorporate your company's culture within your intranet portal.   

  • Learn how to use corporate vision, values, and images to create a unique and identifiable brand
  • Discover how a personalized theme and mascot unifies a portal
  • Learn how to boost engagement, reinforcing your culture
  • Foster a culture of ownership by equipping your employees with ways to create and share
  • Develop content that matters, share content that's relevan

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